EVENT: Shared Voices for a Shared Future

November 17, 2016 By No Comments

Date: Thursday 24 November

Time: 1.30 pm for a 2.00 pm start till 3.30pm

Place: the Edmund Rice Centre

15 Henley Rd Homebush West

(5 minutes from Flemington Station)


Our challenge in this global economy is to be mindful of the people and their communities that are confronted by devastation caused by climate change. Our neighbours from Pacific Islands are threatened by rising sea levels, ground water salination, and food insecurity.

Two young women, Tinaai and Vasiti from Kiribati are health workers who are active climate change advocates. They understand the connection between healthy communities and sustainable environments.

Please come and hear Tinaai and Vasiti tell their stories about the need for unity, action and solidarity to build strong healthy futures in our region. We will also hear stories from stakeholders from the Trade Union movement.

We support open dialogue about ‘Just Transitions towards jobs in the renewable energy industry’ which is a strategic response ensuring secure jobs for affected mining workers and secure futures for Pacific Islanders. We all need a healthy environment and security in our lives. By working together and acknowledging all our needs we aim to have a ‘Just transition’ in the Pacific for communities and workers.


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